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Conservation takes collaboration. Join us, to protect the places YOU love!

At a time of "alternative facts", a growing distrust for science and scholarship at the highest levels of the US government, and restrictions on agency travel affecting nearly all professional development — the need for an organization that equips defenders and stewards of our public lands has never been greater.

Our focus at the George Wright Society (GWS) is the protection of Parks and Protected Areas—natural and cultural alike. People like you all over the world safeguard these places. We are dedicated to building and sharing the knowledge that improves the protection, management, and understanding of protected areas around the globe. The GWS is the only organization whose sole focus is on the scientific and heritage values of parks and protected areas, from the largest wilderness area to the smallest historic site.

Conservation takes collaboration. Please help us to protect the places YOU love!

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The George Wright Society (GWS) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit founded over 35 years ago to promote professional research and resource stewardship. As a bridge between science and management, the GWS brings together thousands of leaders across disciplines in natural and cultural resource management. With members across the nation and around the world, the GWS unites a community of Indigenous peoples, resource managers and park staff, researchers, professors, emerging leaders, educators, government agencies, nonprofits and outdoor enthusiasts. Through impactful events and trainings, publications, communication platforms and student summits, the George Wright Society connects community with conservation.

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